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The 8 Sweetest Coffees to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Let’s face it, some of us just have a sweet tooth. Coffee can often be extremely bitter and better enjoyed when mixed with lots of yummy sugar.

Here’s a list of the sweetest eight coffees that you should try on your next visit to your favourite coffee shop.


The mocha, also known as a mochaccino, is a mix of espresso, milk, and chocolate. Most recipes use a 1:1 ratio of coffee to milk, finishing with a dash of cocoa powder on top.

Variations do vary, with some cafes choosing to use chocolate syrup instead of powder. Some establishments even top their mochas with Chantilly cream.

A mocha is usually on the smaller side, although sizes do vary quite a bit. If the menu only offers the mochaccino, the beverage is likely to be very small as the suffix -ino means small in Italian.


Perhaps one for your next Spanish holiday, the café bombón is a real delight. The beverage is a mixture of a 1:1 ratio of espresso and sweetened condensed milk.

The drink is often served in a glass to show off the separate layers of coffee and condensed milk.


The frappé is definitely one of the sweetest coffee drinks on the menu of any cafe. Originating from Greece as a simple iced coffee, the drink has been transformed into something more akin to a dessert.

Today, frappés are a combination of espresso coffee mixed with flavoured syrups, cold milk, crushed ice, and Chantilly cream.

Some large coffee chains even go one step further, combining their frappés with crushed bars of chocolate or cookies such as Oreo.


The cappuccino needs little introduction as it has to be the most iconic milk-based coffee drink in the world.

A typical cappuccino is made up of a shot of espresso mixed with a layer of steamed milk and topped with milk foam to finish. Whilst the milk does impart some sweetness to the drink, you’ll need to make sure that the cafe tops their cappuccinos with chocolate powder if it’s to be truly sweet.

Ask your server if the cappuccino comes with cocoa powder or whether the establishment has it on hand so that you can add it yourself. You may even be able to add chocolate syrup to the base at a lot of the large coffee chains to make it extra indulgent.

Vietnamese iced coffee

This drink can’t be rushed. Coarsely ground coffee is added to a special Vietnamese brewer known as a phin cà phê and brewed for around 10 minutes.

The filtered coffee is then combined with lots of condensed milk and poured over ice. If you live in a large city, you should definitely check out the local Vietnamese neighbourhood to try this sweet treat.

Irish coffee

The Irish coffee has the be the most famous coffee cocktail of them all. At its base, the coffee is usually a single or double shot of intense espresso, but it may also be made using strong filter coffee.

The coffee base is then combined with Irish whisky, sugar, and thick cream. The cream is added by pouring over the back of a spoon just above the surface of the coffee so that the cream floats on top.

The drink is often served in a tall, clear glass to show off the delicious layers. The coffee is drunk through the cream, which is sometimes dusted with cocoa powder.

Espresso martini

Another famous cocktail that’s become quite fashionable as of late is the espresso martini. This is definitely one of the sweeter cocktails you’ll find.

An espresso martini is a mix of espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup. The coffee liqueur contains heaps of sugar that should satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

The ingredients are combined in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, which is then shaken, strained, and poured into a chilled martini glass.


This is more of a dessert than a drink, but it’s one that you really have to try. The name comes from the Italian word for ‘drowned’. In Italy, it’s known as an ‘affogato al caffè’, which translates to ‘drowned in coffee’.

An affogato is a scoop or two of sweet vanilla ice cream that is drowned in a shot of fresh espresso. The combination of hot and cold is really delightful, with the ice cream imparting a beautiful sweetness to the slightly bitter espresso coffee.

How do you make naturally sweet coffee?

If you want to enjoy a sweet cup of coffee, but the idea of all that sugar has you running in the other direction, then the good news is that coffee can be naturally sweet.

To make sweet coffee, you need to purchase 100 percent arabica coffee beans that have been light to medium roasted. Arabica coffee is naturally sweeter than the inferior robusta variety of coffee, and it can easily be found at your local store. Avoid darkly roasted coffee as the prolonged roasting time only produces bitter-tasting coffee.

Coffee beans that have been roasted light or medium are a light, tan-brown colour. Unfortunately, most coffee beans are a very dark shade of brown, or may even be black, which is created through being darkly roasted.

What most people don’t realise is that coffee isn’t inherently bitter. The bitterness is actually caused by the coffee beans having been roasted for too long and at too high a temperature. Essentially, most coffee beans are burnt during the roasting process.

As with any foodstuff, burning results in unnecessary bitterness. The reason that most coffee is roasted this way is to cover over the poor taste of low-grade, commodity coffee.

The good news is that naturally sweet coffee can be easily purchased either online or in-store in most towns and cities. For the sweetest tasting coffee, look to purchase from independent specialty coffee roasters.

Whichever coffee you choose, just make sure that it’s 100 percent arabica beans that have been roasted light to medium. You can thank me later.

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